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by October 2, 2019
It was a sunny afternoon in LA and I had just hung out at my girlfriends house while enjoying a glass of wine. So when I left, I ordered a car from a ride-sharing service. When the driver arrived, he politely opened the door for me and we locked eyes right away. I couldn’t get over how cute he was! After giving him my address, I asked if he mind that I take off my high heels and let my barefeet hang out on his arm rest. The open air between my red pedicured toes felt so good I was wiggling them wildly which seemed to catch his attention. Once we looked at each other through the rear view mirror, I immediately realized he was down to play around. I smothered his face with my moist and slightly smelly feet. Right away, he found his way to my lollipop toes and started to lick and suck on them. He was passionately making out with my feet which got my panties super wet. When we finally arrived at my house, of course I couldn’t wait to ask him to come in so I can give him a slutty footjob. After jerking his cock with my sexy feet he slid that big hard cock into my juicy wet pussy while licking my beautiful red toes. I came so many times on his throbbing cock and at the end he came all over my sexy feet and toes. I gave him five stars on the driver rating.